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Updated May 20, 2004.

Polish Embassy in Teheran, Iran
Confirmation of deaths in Iran of Poles evacuated from the USSR in 1942 with Anders Army and their burials in the Polish Cemetery in Teheran, which is watched over by the Polish Embassy.
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Polish Committee of the 'Memorial' Society (Moscow)
Soviet Archive information on Poles arrested or deported to the USSR, including deportation and camp records and archives 'certificates'.
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Hoover Institution Archives
Hoover Institution Summary (MS Word Document)
Three significant holdings:
1. Poland. Ambasada (Soviet Union) Records, 1941-1944
2. Poland. Ministerstwo Informacji i Dokumentacji Records, 1939-1945
3. Wladyslaw Anders Papers, 1939-1946

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Polish Army in Exile Records-British Ministry of Defense
To obtain war records of soldier in the Polish Army fighting alongside the Allies in World War 2, (eg, the 2nd Polish Corpus (Anders Army), attached to the British 8th Army in Persia, Palestine and Italy), write to the British Army records office.
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The Polish Institute and Sikorski Museum
The foundation is a research and publishing institution and possesses the largest Polish Military Museum outside of Poland. It incorporates the Polish Armed Forces Standards, the Ealing Branch-Historical Commission and the Home Army Study Centre.
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The Polish Underground Movement Study Trust
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Urzad Stanu Cywilnego Warszawa Srodmiescie
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Church records (marriages etc.) applying to the Polish forces in Italy during the war
Polish Catholic Mission (in England and Wales)
Polska Misja Katolicka (w Anglii i Walii)

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How to get pre-war maps of Poland, including Kresy
View the map images on this website
The US Library of Congress has an index map for pre-WWII maps of Poland, including what is now Belarus and western Ukraine. The index map number is G6520S100.P6, Wojskowy Institut Geograficzny: Skorowidz Map. You identify and choose the specific section maps that you wish from it.
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Jozef Pilsudski Institute of America for Research in the Modern History of Poland
Founded in 1943, one of the largest Polish ethnic archives in the USA. This archival collection is of great significance for studies on Polish political history in XX century. Large photograph and map collection
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Detailed map of Western Ukraine, including Kresy
There is a very good map located at which includes areas that were part of Poland once (eg. Wolyn).
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Association of Poles in India 1942-1948
The Association has produced, in Polish, an in-depth book of their experiences called 'Poles in India 1942-1948 in the Light of Documents and Memory'. They are working on a revision and translation into English.
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Genealogy of Eastern Galicia
This site is for those with roots in Eastern Galicia. It focuses on genealogical study for those researching their Polish (and Ukrainian) roots in Eastern Galicia /Halychyna / Western Ukraine.
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Routes to Roots Foundation
This site includes a searchable database (by town name) of archive documents for towns in Belarus, Lithuania, Poland, Moldova and Ukraine based upon the archival holdings of these countries.
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KARTA Center Foundation
The KARTA Center in Poland is an independent, non-governmental group that exists to document and popularise the recent history of Poland and eastern Europe, with the aim of spreading knowledge, tolerance and democracy. It works closely with the Polish Committee of the Memorial Society in Moscow and has established an 'Index of the Repressed' database of Polish victims of the Soviet Union.
Some suggestions as to how to access this information:
Go to and click on Data Bases, which brings up a sub-menu.< Click on "Index of the Repressed" which brings up a Polish-language site with four tabs. Press Wyszukiwanie, then fill out the search form that is provided. Nazwisko means surname. IMPORTANT: Using the ~ to represent an accented Polish letter will not work on the KARTA site. You must use true Polish script. If you are unsuccessful then use variations of your name spelling. Under "Wyniki wyszukiwania" note any information especially the important Id number(s). Then, send this information to Pani Katarzyna Janiak at the link below with your search request. (English is fine)
Pani Katarzyna Janiak
Non-Polish speakers will find this link by Steve Morse helpful
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Association of the Families of the Borderland Settlers
Sekretariat Ognisko Rodzin Osadnikow Kresowych

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Federation of the Eastern Borderlands of the Polish Republic
Zwiazek Ziem Wschodnich RP
Association of former settlers (military veterans and civilians)of the Kresy region of eastern Poland between the wars.
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5th Borderlands Infantry Division Association
Zwiazek Zolnierzy 5-tej Dyw. Piechoty

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Polish Embassy in Tashkent, Uzbekistan
For help with searching for burials in Polish Cemeteries in Uzbekistan, which are watched over by the Polish Embassy.
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Rada Ochrony Pamieci Walki i Meczeństwa
All overseas Polish cemeteries are the responsibility of this Association, and it is possible to obtain information from them when seeking the whereabouts of individual graves.
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Siberian Deportee Associations around the world
Zwiazki Sybiraków

Head Office Website: Zwiazek Sybirakow
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Vital records from southern Kresy
Vital records from the former provinces of Lwow, Stanislawow, and Tarnopol. These were in Austrian Galicia before 1918, in the Second Republic of Poland between 1918 and 1939 and in the western Ukraine since 1945.
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Detailed map of the Ukraine online
Ukraine is broken into regions, and these into areas surrounding major towns. Place names appear in English, Polish and Ukrainian.
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Association of Eastern Borderlands Military & Civilian Settlers Families
Stowarzyszenie Rodzin Osadników Wojskowych i Cywilnych Kresów Wschodnich

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