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"Polskie Dziala - Polish Cannons"

Polskie Dziala (Polish Cannons) is an unpublished and little known song about the Battle of Monte Cassino. The song was taught to Barbara Charuba by her uncle, Wojciech Morawski, who was a member of the Third Carpathian Rifle Division, and a veteran of the Battle of Monte Cassino. Barbara and Wojciech  recorded this version at the ceremonies in honour of the 55th Anniversary of the Battle of Monte Cassino, on May 16, 1999, held at the Polish Community Centre in Ottawa, Canada.

Apparently, the song had its origins in the field hospital at the foot of Monte Cassino and was ≥put together≤ by three wounded artillerymen.  One of them, Julek Krzyworaczka, was a close buddy of Wojciech's. The two of them sang this song as part of a quartet. This song did not gain popularity, because it was created by amateurs who did not sing it to gain fame but only for their own enjoyment.  It did not even have a title, so Barbara and Wojciech gave it the title POLSKIE DZIALA or POLISH CANNONS.

This document is an effort to preserve this part of the history of the Battle of Monte Cassino, and honour the authors. The names of two of them have been lost to time, but, thanks to the memory of one old soldier and computer technology, their song lives on.

Download and read a PDF file called "Polskie Dziala"

Down load and listen to a Wav file called "Polskie Dziala"