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Deportations to the USSR and the Soviet Labour Camps
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Rescued from Death in Siberia
Adamski, Michael MDA Video Productions.

Description: Documentary about the little-known human tragedy of World War II, where several of the survivors tell us of their ordeal of deportation from their homes in Eastern Poland to Siberia and their miraculous deliverance from certain death in the slave labour camps of Stalin's Soviet Union. Length: 60 min.

Ogonowska-Coates, Halina. New Zealand Film Commission.
Description:  Halina's mother, Irene, is Polish - one of the 734 orphaned
children who come to New Zealand in 1944. She and other Poles recall their
deportation to the Siberian labour camps, and then their journey to freedom
in Persia (Iran) before finally arriving in New Zealand. A compelling story
of courage and survival.

From Archipelago Gulag to America
Starky, Eugene ELITA Artistic
Part 1 - "On the tenth of February"
Part 2 - "Candies from Stalin"
Part 3 - "Valley of Tears"
Description:  Polish, with English subtitles.  The epic story about the deportation of nearly two million Poles to Siberia. Unique footage and documentary from Siberia complete the dramatic stories of those who survived the genocide and depicts their exodus from Russia to America.

For Your Freedom and Ours
Adamski, Michael MDA Video Productions.

Description: This documentary edited from archival,historical footage presents the 50-year struggle of the Polish nation for its independence, from the time of Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia's invasion of Poland in 1939 and the great dedication of the Polish Goverment and the Polish Army in Exile for the Allied cause in WW2, to the times of Solidarity and the regaining of freedom for Poland in 1989. Length: 90 min.

The Betrayal of Poland
Adamski, Michael MDA Video Productions.

Description: The Second World War started in 1939 in defence of Poland. Poland's valiant stand against the onslaught of Nazi-Germany became the American President Roosevelt's war cry: "Poland the inspiration of the nations". However, five years later, the British Government's guaranties of Polish independence and Poland's heroic contributions and gigantic sacrifices in that war for the Allies were conveniently forgotten. In the Big Three conferences in Teheran and Yalta, the steadfast ally, without much concern, was handed over by Roosevelt and the British Prime Minister Churchill to the control of the communist tyrant Stalin. Length: 60 min.

Tales of the Persian Corridor,
Burgener, Robert D
International Connections.
Description:Documentary about American servicemen, Soviet officers and civilians who played a crucial role in supplying the USSR with badly needed military equipment during World War II.

A Forgotten Odyssey
Wright, Jagna & Naszynska, Aneta - Lest We Forget Productions.

NOTE: distribution is temporarily on hold due to the death of the film-makers, but we hope to re-introduce it shortly.

4 Lipca o Swicie w Lwowie
Availablity: Polart
Description: Extermination of twenty-two faculty staff of Lvov Univerity by the Germans on July 4, 1941. Interviews with surviving family members. 1988 Color, 60 min. in Polish (no English subtitles).

The Soviet Story
Documentary film
Genre: History, politics
Director: Edvins Snore
Language: English
Length: 85 min.
Date of production: 2008
”The Soviet Story” was filmed over 2 years in Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Germany, France, UK and Belgium. Material for the documentary was collected by the author, Edvins Snore, for more than 10 years. As a result, ”The Soviet Story” presents a truly unique insight into recent Soviet history, told by people, once Soviet citizens, who have first hand knowledge of it.

Wajda Andrzej (21 September Poland)
Length:  122 min
Description: An examination of the Soviet slaughter of thousands of Polish officers and citizens in the Katyn forest in 1940.
On 17 September 1939, a group of Polish officers and soldiers are imprisoned by the Soviet Army on the border of Poland. Anna and her daughter Nika travel from Krakow to meet her husband and officer Andrzej and they try to convince him to leave the soldiers and escape back home. However, Andrzej refuses to leave the troop and is deported to USSR. Later the Soviet tells that the Polish officers had been massacred by the Germans in the Katyn Forest with a shot on the back of the neck. However Anna retrieves Andrzej's diary and discloses that the soldiers had been actually murdered by the Soviet Army.

The Way Back (2010)
Weir, Peter
Length:  133 min
Description: Siberian gulag escapees walk 4000 miles overland to freedom in India.
In 1941, three men reach India from Tibet, having walked 4000 miles after escaping a Siberian gulag. The film tells their story and that of four others who escaped with them and a teenage girl who joins them in flight. The group's natural leader is Janusz, a Pole condemned by accusations secured by torturing his wife; he knows how to live in the wilds. They escape under cover of a snowstorm: a cynical American, a Russian thug, a comic accountant, a pastry chef who draws, a priest, and a Pole with night blindness. They face freezing nights, lack of food and water, mosquitoes, an endless desert, the Himalayas, and moral questions of when to leave someone behind.

The Officer's Wife
Uzarowicz, Piotr

Upon the death of his father, a son makes a startling discovery. A forgotten safe deposit box reveals his grandmother's memoirs, old photos of an army officer and a mysterious postcard that all link to a concealed crime: the Katyn Forest massacre. Weaving dramatic interviews with bold animation, The Officer's Wife probes the collision of truth, justice and memory in a shrouded family tragedy.

Before the start of World War II, Cecylia is happily married to a decorated Polish army officer and is an adoring mother of three young boys. As Nazi and Soviet tanks roll across Poland, her husband suddenly disappears and she is forcibly deported to a Siberian gulag. While imprisoned, she must battle the Soviets and the wild to keep her family alive. Risking a daring escape, Cecylia searches for her kidnapped husband - uncovering only betrayal, murder and a shocking Allied cover up.

After 70 years, the wounds of the Katyn massacre still bleed. The Soviets were never charged; and today, Russia is unwilling to atone for their horrific crimes. Cecylia's story is only one of almost 2 million Poles. Interviews with the last living survivors fuse with Cecylia's story to reveal not only the horrors but to also forge a lasting testament to the perseverance of the human spirit.

The Officer's Wife is ultimately a soaring celebration of humanity and its power to triumph over hatred.

Shot in Russia, Ukraine, Poland, England, Canada and the USA in HD.
80 minutes, English and Polish with English dubbing.

Lost Requiem
Khosrow. Sinia
Format: DVD (1980)
Runtime: 80 minutes
Type:  Documentary  
Language: In Farsi/English with English subtitles

A famous documentary film by Khosrow Sinai "The Lost Requiem", telling the story of the Polish wartime exodus from the Soviet labour camps of Siberia to Iran. For many of the arriving refugees, Iran seemed like "paradise". In Farsi & English with English subtitles.

There are gaps in our history, lost episodes in our collective memory caused not by forgetfulness, but by the deliberate policy of governments and politicians. There are also courageous individuals who fight to bring such material back into the public light. Khosrow Sinai is one such individual.

“The Lost Requiem”, has never been publicly released. Sidelined and ignored for over a quarter of a century, its content has been deemed too politically sensitive to be shown. Now, at last, its official obscurity is coming to an end, and the film is being hailed as a priceless Iranian and Polish historical document.

“The Lost Requiem” tells the story of the war-time exodus to Iran of hundreds of thousands of Polish citizens released from the Soviet labour camps of Siberia. During the two months of April and August 1942, leaking ships crammed with emaciated, men, women and children began arriving at the Caspian port of Anzali (then called Pahlevi). Their condition was desperate. Within days of their arrival, thousands had died from malnutrition and typhus. Of those who survived, the men travelled onwards to join the armies of the Allied Forces in Syria and Lebanon. The remainder (mostly women and children) remained in Iranian refugee camps for up to three years, their lives totally transformed in the process.

Twenty five years after those dramatic events, Khosrow Sinai began to seek out those who had chosen to remain behind in Iran. Among them was a doctor who had fought at the battle of Monte Cassino, the widow of an Iranian policeman who had been a student in Warsaw before the war, and many many more. He travelled half way across the world to find some of the 700 Polish orphans sent to New Zealand from Iranian refugee camps. Their reminiscences, together with the many graves left behind in Tehran, Anzali and Ahvaz, bear testimony to a chapter of history almost erased from the public memory.

A Trip to Nowhere (2010)
Also known as – ‘Podroz do Nikad’
Hart, Shannon
Writer: Shannon Hart
Director: Shannon Hart
Length: 30 mins
Description: An animated true story of Polish children deported to Siberia by the Soviet Union during WW2.
Storyline: Much is known of the atrocities carried out by Hitler and the Nazis in Western Poland during WWII, but little has been written about the Soviet occupation of Eastern Poland. Under a secret agreement between Hitler and Stalin to conquer and divide Poland between them, the Germans attacked Poland on September 1st, 1939 from the west. The Soviets attacked Poland on September 17th, 1939, from the east. In just days, Poland was completely overrun. The Soviet arrests of thousands of Polish military personnel and professionals immediately began with only some of the men able to escape into hiding to help fight the Nazis and Soviets with the Polish Underground. When the Soviet secret police (the NKVD now the KGB) came to arrest the families of this identified group of Soviet "enemies", most often it was just innocent women and children that were taken into custody. "This is when my childhood ended"... Written by 
Grazyna Balut Ostrom  

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Deportations to the USSR and the Soviet Labour Camps

Population movements between Oder and Bug Rivers, 1939-1950.
Poznań, Wydawnictwo Zachodnie, 1961.
LC Catalog # DD801 O33

The Soviet deportation of nationalities
Conquest, Robert.New York, St. Martin's Press, 1960.
Availability: Out of Print

Kolyma, the arctic death camps
Conquest, Robert. London, Oxford, 1978.
ISBN 0192850911. LC Catalog # HV8964.R8

The Black Book of Communism, Crimes, Terror, Repression
Courtois, S. et al. (translation Jonathan Murphy and Mark Kuner).  Cambridge, Mass., Harvard Univ. Press, 1999.
ISBN 0674076087. LC Catalog #  HX44 L5913
Availability: Harvard Univ Press

The Black Book of Poland
Polish Ministry of Information ,1942. Printed in English by G.P.Putnam’s Sons of New York.
615 pages of text, one map, and 112 photographic plates containing 187 images.
Library of Congress control number 42-020476 .
Also published in Copenhagen in Danish in 1945. Control Number 46-018471
For further information:

Forced Labor in Soviet Russia
Dallin, DJ and Nikolaevsky, BI.  New Haven, Yale University Press, 1947. 
LC Catalog #  HV8931 R8

Dangfield, Elma. Bassboy, M. Frydman, 1945
Description: pamphlet format

For whom there is no room, scenes from the refugee world
Egan, E. New York, Paulist Press, 1995.
ISBN 0809104733

Tell the West
Gliksman, J. New York, Gresham Press, 1948.
LC Catalog # HV 8931.R8

Revolution from abroad, the Soviet occupation of Poland's western Ukraine and western Byelorrussia
Gross, J.T. Princeton, Princeton University Press, 1988.

Polish deportees in the Soviet Union, origins of postwar settlement in Great Britain
Hope, Michael. London, Veritas Foundation Publ. Center, 1998. 
ISBN 0948202769. LC Catalog #D754  P7
Availability: Veritas, 63 Jeddo Road, London, W12 9EE, UK. email:

Exile and Identity - Polish women in the Soviet Union during World War II
Jolluck, Katherine. University of Pittsburg Press, 2002.  
ISBN 0822941856. LC Catalog #D810  W7. 
Availability:  University of Pittsburgh Press, 3400 Forbes Avenue, Eureka Building, 5th Floor, Pittsburgh, PA 15260  tel. 412-383-2446 website:

Extermination, Killing - Poles in Stalin's Empire
Kant, A and Kant, N.  London, Unicorn Publications, 1991
ISBN  1870886070.  LC Catalog #DK34 P6.

The Lost Tribe - Poles in the USSR 
Kadziewicz, S. Studium Papers (US), 1989.

Stalin and the Poles, an indictment of the Soviet leaders
Kusnierz, Bronisław. (with forward by August Zaleski).  Westport, Conn., Hyperion Press, 1981. 
Reprint of 1949 Edition.  LC Catalog #DK4185 R9
Availability: Out of Print

A biography of no place: the Ukrainian borderlands and the making of the nation space
Lake, Katherine Brown. Dissertation, 2000.
Catalog # DK508.833

Blank pages - Soviet genocide against the Polish people
Malcher, George.  Woking, Pyrford Press, 1993. 
ISBN 1897984006.  LC Catalog #D804 S65

Availability: website:

The Rape of Poland, pattern of Soviet aggression.
Mikolajczyk, S.   Westport, Conn., Greenwood Press,1972.
Reprint of 1948 edition of McGraw-Hill, New York

Katyn - Stalin's Massacre and the Seeds of Polish Resurrection
Paul, Allen. Annapolis, Md., Naval Institute Press, 1996. 
ISBN 155706701
Availability: Naval Institute Press, 2062 Generals Hwy., Annapolis, MD  21401.  tel. 1-800-233-8746. email: 

The Fate of Poles in the USSR, 1939-1989.
Piesakowski, J.  London, Gryf, 1990. 
ISBN  0901342246  LC Catalog #DK34 P6

Poland's Holocaust, ethnic strife, collaboration with occupying forces, and genocide in the Second Republic, 1918-1947
Piotrowski, T. Jefferson, N.C., MacFarland, 1998.
ISBN  0786403713; (November 1997)

Genocide and Rescue in Wolyn: Recollections of the Ukrainian Nationalist Ethnic Cleansing Campaign Against the Poles During World War II
Piotrowski, T. Jefferson, N.C., MacFarland, 1998.
ISBN: 0786407735; (April 2000)

The Gulag Handbook: an encyclopedia dictionary of Soviet penitentiary institutions and terms related to the forced labor camps
Rossi, Jacques.  (William A. Burham, translator).  St. Paul, Paragon House, 1989. 
ISBN 1557780242. LC Catalog #  HV9712 R6713  (Russian title: Spravochnik po Gulagu, 1st ed.)
Availability: Paragon House, 2700 University Avenue West, Suite 200, St. Paul, MN  55114-1016  tel. 1-800-477-3709.

Deportation and exile. Poles in the Soviet Union, 1939-1948
Sword, K. New York, St. Martin's Press, 1994; Basingstroke, MacMillan, 1994.                               
LC Catalog #D810. D5
Availability: Out of Print

The Soviet takeover of the Polish Eastern provinces, 1939-1941.
Sword, K. ed.  New York, St. Martin's Press, 1991.
Availability: Out of Print

Stalin's Secret War
Tolstoy, Nicolai. Pan, 1981.
ASIN: 0030472660
Availability: Out of Print

When God Looked the Other Way: An Odyssey of War, Exile, and Redemption.
Adamczyk, Wesley, University of Chicago Press, June 19, 2004
ISBN  0226004430
Foreword by Norman Davies
Hardcover: 288 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.97 x 9.36 x 6.36
and at Walmart stores. ($25)
Often overlooked in accounts of World War II is the Soviet Union's quiet yet brutal campaign against Polish citizens, a campaign that included, we now know, war crimes for which the Soviet and Russian governments only recently admitted culpability. Standing in the shadow of the Holocaust, this episode of European history is often overlooked. Wesley Adamczyk's gripping memoir, When God Looked the Other Way, now gives voice to the hundreds of thousands of victims of Soviet barbarism.
Sample chapters available at

Deportacje Obywateli Polskich (wersja polsko-rosyjska)",
Instytut Pamieci Narodowej, 2003
Hardcover, 17 cm x 24 cm
This publication contains 172 documents from NKVD and USRR authorities' archives. All documents are closely related to deportations carried out in 1940 in the region of Polish Eastern Borderland (Kresy Wschodnie) under Soviet occupation. Polish citizens suffered from massive deportations to Siberia and Kazakhstan. The work illustrates the tragic experiences of the displaced people. It also describes the persecution aimed at annihilation of particular social groups causing inhumane suffering of whole families. The original documents are not shown, but are transcribed with a Polish translation.
Example of an entry: Nr 89 13 kwietnia 1940 r. Moskwa. Informacja GTU NKWD ZSRS o przebiego załadunku rodzin osób represjonowanych wysiedlonych z zachodnich obwodów BSRS i 421

Available at:

The Polish Deportees of World War II Recollections of Removal to the Soviet Union and Dispersal Throughout the World
Piotrowski, Tadeusz McFarland Publishing, 2004
ISBN 0-7864-1847-8
notes, bibliography, index, 256pp. illustrated case binding (7 x 10) 2004
Among the great tragedies that befell Poland during World War II was the forced deportation of its citizens by the Soviet Union during the first Soviet occupation of that country between 1939 and 1941. This is the story of that brutal Soviet ethnic cleansing campaign told in the words of some of the survivors. It is an unforgettable human drama of martyrdom in the Gulag. The many non-European countries that welcomed and extended aid to the exiles are also discussed.
Available at:

Available at

Polska Szkola Na Tulaczych Szlakach
Gabiniewicz, Maria, Dr,
notes, bibliography, index, 256pp. illustrated case binding (7 x 10) 2004
This book is a treasure and a very important historical record of life in S Africa and schooling in the war years in the Middle East.
An excerpt of the book is available on line:

Article about the author at:
Available at:

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Biographies, Autobiographies, Memoirs

Z Kresow Wschodnich R.P. Wspomnienia z osad wojskowych 1921-1940 (From The Eastern Borderlands of Poland, Memories of military settlements 1921-1940)
Kacperek, Bronia and Whittle, Eric J. (translators).  Association of the Families of the Borderland Settlers, London, 2000.
ISBN 1 872286 33 X
Available through Veritas Bookshop, 63 Jeddo Road, London W12 9EE, UK
Tel: +44 20 8749 4957, Fax: +44 20 8749 4965

For selected translations of the above book, click on the list of settlements: Osada Krechowiecka

Z Kresow Wschodnich R.P. Na Wygnanie. Opowiesci Zeslancow 1940-1946 (From The Eastern Borderlands of Poland, Tales of the Deported 1940-1946)
Kacperek, Bronia and Whittle, Eric J. (translators).  Association of the Families of the Borderland Settlers, London, 2000.
Available through Veritas Bookshop, 63 Jeddo Road, London W12 9EE, UK
Tel: +44 20 8749 4957, Fax: +44 20 8749 4965

Stalin's Ethnic Cleansing in Eastern Poland. Tales of the Deported, 1940-1946
Kacperek, Bronia and Whittle, Eric J. (translators).  Association of the Families of the Borderland Settlers, London, 2000
(This is basically a translation of the above book, with additional articles)

ISBN 1872286887.  LC Catalog #D810 D5
Available through Veritas Bookshop, 63 Jeddo Road, London W12 9EE, UK
Tel: +44 20 8749 4957, Fax: +44 20 8749 4965

Kresowe osadnictwo wojskowe 1920-1945 (Military colonization of Kresy 1920-1945)
Janina Stobniak-Smogorzewska. Warsaw, RYTM, 2003.
Available through Oficyna Wydawnicza RYTM, ul. Gorczewska 8, 01-180, Warszawa, Poland
Tel/fax: +48 22 631-77-92, 632-02-21 ext. 155   email:

From Siberia to America: A Story of Survival and Success
Frusztajer, Boruch (Bronek) University of Scranton Press (February 1, 2008)
ISBN-10: 1589661559, ISBN-13: 978-1589661554

The General Langfitt story - Polish refugees recount their experiences of exile, dispersal, and resettlement
The General Langfitt story - Polish refugees recount their experiences of exile, dispersal, and resettlement

Albrook, Maryan. Canberra, Australian Govt. Pub. Serv., 1995. 
ISBN   0644357819.  LC Catalog #D810  D5

Man is Wolf to Man
Bardach, Janusz. University of California Press.
ISBN 0520221524

The Persian Blanket - The Life of Janina Milek
Born in Poland in 1921 Janina Milek was transported with her family to Siberia in the freezing winter of 1940. She worked hard in the labour camps for nearly two years until the changing fortunes of the war offered relative freedom. There followed eight years as a refugee, in camps in Uzbekistan, Persia, Northern Rhodesia and Tanganyika. At every stage of the journey members of her family fell away, perished, were left behind, took other roads. In 1950 Janina arrived in Western Australia, alone. When Janina entered Tim Chappell’s young life they formed an instant bond. Tim has interwoven Janina’s extraordinary story with poignant, often amusing, cameos of the Janine he knew as he was growing up. This is a true story of courage and determination, of the will to survive and the value of freedom.

Chappell, Tim. Fremantle Arts Centre Press, published in 2004
ISBN111 92073 144 X | ISBN13 9 781920 731441

The Inhuman Land
Czapski, Joseph. London, Polish Cultural Foundation, 1987. Reprint of 1951 Edition. 
ISBN 0850651646

Bronia - the memoirs of Bronia 'Bernice' Polakowska Czarnoski
Czarnoski, Bernice.  (as told by Mary O'Brien Tyrrell).   St Paul, Minn., Memoirs, 2000. 
LC Catalog #  F605.1 C99

Seeds in the Storm (NZ)
In August 1939 Stanislaw Dabrowski was a 19 year old accounting student working part time in his family bakery business in Lwów, Poland.  Within a few weeks the Germans had occupied half of Poland and the Soviet Union invaded the rest, including Lwów. The family discovered the reality of life in comrade Stalin's empire: destitution, arrest, imprisonment, beatings, show trials on false charges, deportation to slave labour camps and executions.

After enduring months of slave labour in the gold mines of Kolyma in Siberia, Stanislaw was among the small percentage to survive: in 1941 Germany invaded the Soviet Union and Polish prisoners were released to join a Polish army to fight the Germans.  He fought in the battle of Monte Cassino in Italy after which he met his wife, a veteran of the Warsaw uprising. 

Following the end of the war they moved to Britain and from there they migrated to New Zealand to join other family members who had been sent out in 1944.  

Initially, Stanislaw worked in a car assembly factory in Petone, but upon deciding to resume accounting studies, got a job in the Department of Industries and Commerce in Wellington, the boss of which was the notorious Moscow-aligned William Sutch.  After years of no promotion, Stanislaw decided to change employers and went to the Totalisator Agency Board or TAB, eventually working his way to the top position of General Manager.

The story of the Dabrowski family, scattered by the storm of war, eventually establishing new roots on the other side of the world, is both fascinating and inspiring.

Dabrowski, Stanislaw. Published 2011 Transpress NZ
ISBN 978-1-877443-02-2

Beyond the Urals
Dangerfield, E.  London, British League for European Freedom, 1946.  Facsimile. 1993 Reprint by Ormskirk, Lanc., T. Lyster. 
ISBN 1871482127

Drawings from the Gulag
Featuring over 130 drawings and texts by Danzig Baldaev – author of the acclaimed Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopaedia Volume I, II, III – this book describes the history, horror and peculiarities of the Gulag system from its inception in 1918.

Baldaev's work as a prison guard allowed him to travel across the former USSR where he witnessed scenes of everyday life in the Gulag first-hand, chronicling this previously closed world from both sides of the wire. The drawings, made during the Communist period, form a devastating document, a haunting echo of the works of Varlam Shalamov and Alexandr Solzhenitsyn.

With every vignette, Baldaev brings his characters to vivid life:
from the lowest zek (inmate) to the most violent tattooed vor (thief), the practises and inhabitants of the Gulag system are revealed in incredible and shocking detail. He documents the contempt shown by the authorities to those imprisoned, and the transformation of these citizens into survivors or victims. This graphic depiction exposes the systematic methods of torture and mass murder of millions undertaken by the administration, as well as the atrocities committed by criminals on their fellow inmates.

Danzig, Baldaev. Published 2010 FUEL Publishing
ISBN: 9780956356246

Janek, a story of survival
Dowling, Alick.  Letchworth, Ringpress, 1989.  
ISBN  0-948955-45-7.
Online review:

Konwoj strzela bez uprzedzenia, Polski w wiezieniach i lagrach sowieckich 1944- 1956
Dziewulska -Losiowa, Aniela.  Towarzstwo Literackie imienia Adama Mickiewicza, Oddzial Bialostocki, Bialystok 1994
ISSN 0867-7875, ISBN 83- 86188-03-0
Description:  This book includes detailed lists of 1000 women arrested by the NKWD or serving their  sentences from July 1944 to December 1955 and their stories.  It is a very good source of information. The author of the book  was a liaison officer of  AK (Armia Krajowa), region Wilno, arrested in October 1944 and sentenced  for 10 years. (submitted by Elzbieta Gurtler-Krawczynska)

And God Was Our Witness.
Edwards, A. Bloomington, 1st Books, 2002.
ISBN  0759673152
Availability: 1st Books Library, 2595 Vernal Pike Rd., Bloomington, IN 47404  tel: 1-800-839-8640 website:

After Long Silence - A Memoir
Fremont, Helen. New York, Delacorte Press, 1999. 
ISBN 1550591452.  LC Catalog #D810 D5

Crater's Edge: A Family's Epic Journey Through Wartime Russia
Michal, Giedroyc. Published 2010 Bene Factum Publishing Ltd
ISBN 1903071240

Gdyby nie Opatrzność Boża
Grabski O. Ryszard Czesław
Written by a priest O. Ryszard Czesław Grabski who was first imprisoned in a work camp and then after joining Polish Army traveled back to Archangielsk to help people out of gulags.

War through children's eyes - The Soviet Occupation of Poland and the Deportations
Grudzinska, I. and Gross, J. ed.  Stanford, Calif., Hoover Institution Press, 1981.

Paying Guest in Siberia
Hadow, M.  London, Maidstone, 1978, 1959.    
ISBN 0906264014  pbk.  LC Catalog #  LC 810  D5
Availability: Publishers address,  24 Week Street, Maidstone, Kent, UK

Maria Hadow was a young married woman in September 1939. Her husband, an army officer, was taken prisoner by the Soviets and later shot. She describes her forced settlement with her mother and their efforts after the 'amnesty' to find the Polish forces. They travelled by rail --two weeks of 'a nightmare journey' - and in late August or September of 1942 reached Ashkhabad, the capital of Turkmenistan, where they found the Polish Army. By then the last trains carrying soldiers and civilians heading to board ships at the Caspian port of Krasnovodsk had left.  She left Ashkhabad on the last convoy to take Poles out that way over the mountains to Meshed in Persia (Iran). 
She wound up marrying the British vice-consul who was posted in Meshed in 1942. She never gives his name, nor does she say where she lived in Poland. But, being part of the Soviets forced resettlement, we can assume her home was in Eastern Poland. 

The Endless Steppe: a girl in exile.
Hautzig, E. New York, Scholastic Book Services, 1968, 1970
Description: A book aimed at children.

Exiled to Siberia, A Polish child's WW II journey
Hergt, Klaus. (with a Forward by Tadeusz Piotrowski).  Cheboygan, Michigan, Crescent Lake Publishing, 2001.
LC # D810  D5H47 2001.  ISBN 0970043201
Reading list:
Availability:  Crescent Lake Publishing, 404 North Ball, Cheboygan, Michigan  49721  tel: 231-627-9748.  email: 
Online review:
Sample chapter:

A World Apart
Herling, Gustav. Heineman, 1986.

Lost Between Worlds: A World War II Journey of Survival
Lost Between Worlds is based on a journal written between 1940 and 1945 when Edward H Herzbaum was in his twenties. It is a first-hand account of his horrendous wartime experiences, both physical and psychological, published for the first time: the journal had been lying in a suitcase for 65 years until it was discovered and translated.

The book spans a period of history from the German invasion of Poland in 1939 to the end of the Italian Campaign in 1945. It recounts how Edward was arrested and interned by the Germans but escaped. He travelled to eastern Poland to avoid being recaptured, but there he was arrested by the Russians and deported to a Gulag, where he suffered starvation, brutality and horrific working and living conditions. After Germany’s attack on Russia, Edward and the other Polish prisoners were amnestied and released to join a newly-formed Polish army, under British command. They travelled through Middle Asia, Iraq, Iran, British Palestine and Egypt, eventually fighting in the Italian Campaign. Edward writes at times with humour and irony and at other times with desperation, about his arduous journey and the awful psychological after-effects of the experiences which he and the other Poles had endured. The loss of family, friends and country and the feelings of loneliness at finding themselves completely displaced from their ‘old world’, with no knowledge of what their ‘new world’ might look like, even if they survived the war. This book will appeal to fans of history and those interested in the Second World War.

Herzbaum, Edward H.Published 2010
ISBN: 9781848766037

The Unsettled Account - An Autobiography
Huntington, Eugenia. London, Severn House, 1986. 
ISBN  0727820850.  LC Catalog #D810  D5

From Siberia to Italy
Iksander, A. World War Investigator (UK), 1988.

I Remember and Remember Not - Memories of Childhood and Adolescent Years, 1940-1950
Jasionowicz, Maria. (Sister Maria Teresa CSFN) Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth, 1997. 
LC Catalog #DK4420  J36

Januszkiewicz, Maria. Paris, Instytut Literacki,  1981. 
LC Catalog #D811.5
Availability:  Biblioteka Kultury, Paris

The Life of a Young Pole in Russia 1939-46
Karol, K.S.Henry Holt & Co., New York, 1987
ISBN 0-8050-0099-2

Journey without a ticket, to England from Siberia
Kawecka, Z. Krystyna. Nottingham, 1994.  4th ed. 
ISBN  0951588303

Marynia, Don't Cry: Memoir of two Polish-Canadian families
Kojder, A.M. and Glogowska, B.  Toronto, Multicultural History Society of Ontario, 1995.
ISBN 0919045650.  LC Catalog #  CT309 K65
Availability: University of Toronto Press

Wedrowniczki z Kidugali (AU)
Kondratowicz-Kordas, Leokadia.  Published 1990 Description Kurier Press Perth, W.A.
ISBN 0646020471
Available from Courier Press, C/- Unit 1, 128 Edward St, Osborne Park WA 6017.

My first survival or My Life in Poland and in the USSR
Kowal, J.S.  Ann Arbor, n.d.

Straws in the Wind
Krajewski, Eugene. London, Cromwell Publishers, 2002.
ISBN 1-903930-02-2
Read newspaper article about the book here

Refugee's trails
Kramek, J.  St. Clair Shores, Michigan, Refugee Trails Fund, Inc., 1990.
LC #DK440.5 K7 Other Publisher: Shelby Twp., Michigan, Refugee Trails Fund, Inc. 1990.

Stolen Childhood--A Saga of Polish War Children
Krolikowski,Lucjan. Lincoln.iUniverse, 2001.
ISBN 0595168639
Availability:, 62205 16th Street, Suite 200, Lincoln, NE  68512  tel: 1-877-823-9235. email:
Description: Stolen Childhood is the story of what happened to some 380,000 Polish children who, with their families, were rounded up by Stalin's orders in 1939 and deported into Asiatic Russia. Lucjan Krolikowski, a young seminarian also deported there, shared and witnessed the suffering of his fellow Poles.
Freed by an "amnesty," he joined the Polish Army, and when it moved to the Middle East, Lucjan resumed his theology studies, pronounced his vows, and became a chaplain to a Polish military hospital in Egypt. Reassigned to refugee camps in East Africa, Fr. Lucjan and the wandering Polish children met again in 1947; a meeting that began a long and loving relationship.
In 1949 when the Warsaw Communists claimed guardianship of the Polish orphans in Africa and demanded their repatriation, Fr. Lucjan was forced into a world of international intrigue. Called by the Communists "a kidnapper on an international scale," to his orphans, he was the good shepherd who led them to Canada, where he helped his charges overcome the theft of their childhood and become secure adults in a new world. Stolen Childhood is the book of memories he wrote for them, and a cautionary history for people of good will.

Shallow Graves in Siberia
Krupa, Michael. London, Minerva Press, 1995. 
ISBN 1858635713  pbk.  LC Catalog #D805  R9

Dying, We Live
Kulski, Julian Eugeniusz. Holt Reinhart and Winston, New York, 1979.
Description: The personal chronicle of a young freedom fighter in Warsaw (1939-45). He was the son of the Catholic Mayor of Warsaw. Just 10 when the country was invaded, he joined the Freedom Fighters at 12, was arrested by the Gestapo, selected to go to Aushwitz and then released. He fought in the 1944 uprising and after surrender was shipped to a POW camp in Germany. He was liberated by the Americans in 1945.Through his father, he met and was present for many of the meeetings with other Polish leaders. - Review by Sherry Roan

No Return
Lachocki, E.
New Smyrna Beach, Florida, Luthers, 1996. 
ISBN 1877633356.  LC Catalog #D810  D5L23
Availability:  Eugene Lachocki, 2014 Pine Tree Drive, Edgewater, FL, 32141, tel: 386-423-8639,

or email:

Goodbye, Tomorrow.  
Lachocki, Gryzelda. Availability: tel: 386-423-8639, email:, or direct address: Gryzelda Niziol Lachocki, 2014 Pine Tree Drive, Edgewater, FL 32141. 
ISBN 1556181817 (alk. paper), ISBN 1556181833 (pbk).  LC Catalog #D810  D5

Description: A beautifully written book that takes you from her village on the Polesie to Archangielsk, then on to Kazakstan, Iran, Lebanon, and her final settlement in the US. Once I started reading, I couldn't putthe book down, and just read on through the night until I'd finished it. Review by Halina Szulakowska

For two and a half years under and with the Soviets
Lantner, Henry. New York, Vantage Press, 1992. 
ISBN  0533101913 
Availability: Out of Print

Jesli Zapomne o Nich...
Lipinska, Grazyna. Publication director is Piotr Jeglinski. "Edition Spotkania" 64 Av. Jean Moulin, 75014 Paris. 1988

Siberian Odyssey, the song of the cornucopia
Lysakowski, Richard. New York, Vantage Press, 1990. 
ISBN 0533083869  LC Catalog #D811   L92

Six Years Til Spring
Mikosz-Hintzke, Teresa. San Jose, Ca., Author's Choice Press, 2001.
ISBN 0595177204. 

The Long Bridge
This book is about the events, most of them quite unpredictable, in my life; and my observations and memories from the day of the unforgettable Autumn in 1939, the day Poland was invaded by Germany, till my arrival in London in the spring of 1957.

These include two years deportation to Kazakhstan (as a 'particularly dangerous social element') to do forced labour, ten years as a political prisoner in the Soviet labour camps, and four years 'eternal exile' in Siberia.

Review by Irene Tomaszewski - The Long Bridge is a wonderful book, much more than another retelling of the horrors of the gulag. It is, of course, a historical document, but it is also a psychological study, a development of a philosophy, and an inspiration. I recommend it highly.

Muskus, Urszula. Published Sandstone Press 2010
ISBN: 978-1-905207-55-8

Remember: Helen's story
Oancia, Sandra.Calgary, Detselig Enterprises Ltd., 1997. 
ISBN  1550591452.  LC Catalog #D810  D5

Availability website: 
Description:  Sixteen-year-old Helen was arrested by Russian soldiers as she walked to school in her native Poland during World War II. The journey took her to a labor camp in Siberia, an orphanage in India, a refugee camp in England, and finally to Assiniboia, Saskatchewan.

Krystyna's Story
Ogonowska-Coates, Halina. Shoal Bay Press.
ISBN 0908704852.
Availability: website:
Description: "As a child I loved my mother but she seemed different from other mothers. She didn't know how old she was. She couldn't remember where she was born. I wondered what had happened to her that she could have forgotten such important things. It had something to do with the Second World War."
Krystyna is one of 732 'Polish children' who survived forced deportation to the Soviet Union and was given a home in New Zealand in 1944. Her remarkable story, a composite portrait drawn from interviews with Polish survivors, begins in a peaceful Polish village and follows her family's harrowing journey to a labor camp in Siberia, the terrible flight to freedom, and Krystyna's lonely voyage to a safe refuge in New Zealand.
This is a beautifully evoked account of a child's journey through Europe at war, and a young woman's bewildering encounter with rural New Zealand.
Halina Ogonowska-Coates is an oral historian, writer and filmmaker of Polish descent. In Krystyna's Story she has recorded the experiences of many Poles who came to New Zealand after the Second World War. She has also presented their story in a television film, Exiles - The Story of a Polish Journey

My flight to freedom, an autobiography
Paschwa-Kozicka, A. Chicago, Panorama Publishing Co., 1996.

Pamiec Golgoty Wschodu (Golgotha of the East)
Fr. Peszkowski, Zdzislaw J. Warsaw, Soli Deo, 2000.
ISBN 83-88202-01-4
Availability: Wydawnictwo im. Stefana Kardynala Wyszynskiego "Soli Deo", ul. Dziekania 1, 00-279 Warszawa, Poland
Description: Father Peszkowski is a survivor of the Kozielsk Camp. It was from that camp that Polish officers were transported to their place of execution in Katyn. His book deals with the whole subject of the Russian Invasion of Poland and Crimes committed by the Soviet Union upon the Polish Nation. It contains some interesting documents and photographs. Amongst others, there is a very good picture of the Katyn Monument erected in the year 2000 in Baltimore, USA. - Review by Eugeniusz Krajewski

My Siberian Experience
Piotrowski, Henryk. Toronto, 1996. 
LC Catalog #   D810  D5

Genocide and Rescue in Wolyn: Recollections of the Ukrainian Nationalist Ethnic Cleansing Campaign Against the Poles During World War II
Piotrowski, Tadeusz. (Editor) McFarland & Company, April, 2000.
ISBN: 0786407735

After the 1939 Soviet and 1941 Nazi invasions, the people of Southeast Poland underwent a third and even more terrible ordeal when they were subjected to mass genocide by the Ukrainian Nationalists. Tens of thousands of Poles were tortured and murdered, not by foreign invaders, but by their fellow citizens, who sometimes turned out ot be their neighbors, relatives, and former friends. Other Ukrainians took terrible risks to protect Poles from the slaughter, and often paid for their compassion with their lives.
The children who survived them vividly remember these atrocities and now, many decades later, tell their tragic tales. These accounts, never before published in English, describe the brutal murders these children witnessed, their own miraculous survival, and the heroic rescues that saved them. Demographic and other statistical information on the area is provided. Also included are appendices listing the Ukrainian victims and providing additional stories from other provinces, as well as ample Ukrainian, Polish, Soviet, German, and Jewish documentation and a comprehensive chronology. An index and bibliography are also included.

Vengeance of the Swallows: Memoir of a Polish Family's Ordeal Under Soviet Aggression, Ukrainian Ethnic Cleansing and Nazi Enslavement, and Their Emigration to America
Piotrowski, Tadeusz. McFarland & Company
ISBN: 0786400013

The Battles for Monte Cassino Then and Now
Jeffrey Plowman, Perry Rowe. Published 2011 After the Battle
ISBN 9 781870 067737

The Horror Trains: A Polish Woman Veteran's Memoir of World War II
Pomykalski, Wanda E. MINERVA Center, Inc.
ISBN: 0-9634895-4-2

Availability: website:

From the Steppes to the Savannah
Porajska, B. London, Hodder and Stoughton, 1988, 1990.
ISBN 0340515899. Original edition. Port Erin, Ham Publ. Co., 1988.

Freedom Lost and Found
Przysiezniak, Roman. Printed by University of Toronto Press Incorporated
SBN-13: 9780973627305 - ISBN-10: 0973627301

Sunshine and Shadows (Moje Zycie)
Pruzanski, Keila. Australia, K. Pruzanski.
LC Catalog #DS135  P63

The Long Walk
Rawicz, Slawomir. New York, Lyons Press, 1956. 
ISBN 1558216847  (pbk),  ISBN 1558216340 (cloth).  LC Catalog #D805 S65
Contains one map with his journey from Moscow toSiberia then via the Himalayas out to Pakistan. A story of a man that was arrested and sent to the Gulags to die, but escaped to tell his story.

Gold from Tears
Roman, Dorothy. Upper Fenntree, Vic., Rex Thompson and Family Publ., Ltd., 1993. 
ISBN 0646189506

From Russian Gulag to Alberta Prairies
Romanko, Maria Alina,
online book

W Sowieckim Osaczeniu (In Soviet Surroundings)
Siemaszko, Zbigniew S. London, Polska Fundacja Kulturalna, 1991.
Availability: From author - 64, Twyford Avenue, London W3 9QB, Tel: (020) 8992 8489
Description: Anybody wanting to find out more about the deportations to Siberia, about the conditions facing the deportees, and about the 1939-1943 situation in the Kresy area occupied by the Russians, should read this book. The book is in Polish. For further detaisl, you can write to the author.
- Review by Romuald Lipinski

Sierpinska, Zofia. Privately Published. Book One (248 pages); Book Two (183 pages)
Translation of Anatema; refugee camps in India.

Unforgettable Memoirs - Memories of Polish Exiles in the Soviet Union, 1940-1945
Simenda, Nina. Perth, Polish Siberian Group, 1996. 
ISBN 0646298437 LC Catalog #DK34  P6

The Mass Deportation of Poles to Siberia : Polish Siberian Society of USA
ISBN 978-1-61584-811-9

This book is a collection of individual stories written by survivors of the Polish genocide during the Second World War.  It has been seventy years since as many as 2 million Poles were deported against their will to some of the most inhospitable regions in the world: Siberia, Kazakhstan, and parts of Soviet Asia.  More than one million Poles died a slow death in the gulags of Soviet leader Joseph Stalin or on their long and desperate journeys to and from the camps.

While the Soviets used mass shootings, overwork and starvation, the Nazi Germans used assembly-style gassing and cremation -- methods that received far greater attention in the history books.

This book is dedicated to the hundreds of thousands who perished and to those who survived to give testimony to the truth.  

The Invited - The story of 733 Polish children who grew up in New Zealand
Skwarko, K. Wellington, 1974.

The Soviet Counterinsurgency in the Western Borderlands
Alexander Statiev, C. Published by University of Waterloo, Ontario
ISBN-13: 9780521768337

The Soviet Counterinsurgency in the Western Borderlands investigates the Soviet response to nationalist insurgencies that occurred between 1944 and 1953 in the regions the Soviet Union annexed after the Nazi-Soviet pact: Eastern Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. Based on new archival data, Alexander Statiev presents the first comprehensive study of Soviet counterinsurgency that ties together the security tools and populist policies intended to attract the local populations. The book traces the origins of the Soviet pacification doctrine and then presents a comparative analysis of the rural societies in Eastern Poland and the Baltic States on the eve of the Soviet invasion. This analysis is followed by a description of the anti-communist resistance movements. Subsequently, the author shows how ideology affected the Soviet pacification doctrine and examines the major means to enforce the doctrine: agrarian reforms, deportations, amnesties, informant networks, covert operations, and local militias. The book also demonstrates how the Soviet atheist regime used the church in its struggle against guerrillas and explains why this regime could not curb the random violence of its police. The final chapter discusses the Soviet experience in the global context.

Polish Orphans of Tengeru: The Dramatic Story of Their Long Journey to Canada 1941-49
Taylor, Lynne. Published 2009 Dunburn Press
ISBN: 978-1554880041

Red Snow - A young Poles epic search for his family in Stalinist Russia
Sobierajski, Telesfor. London, L. Cooper, 1996. 
ISBN 0850525004.  LC Catalog #D810.5

The fulfillment of Visionary Return
Synowiec-Tobis, S.H. Northbrook, Illinois, Artpol Publ., 1998. 
ISBN  0-965548872
Availability: Filip Ozarowski, 1019 Longaker Rd., Northbrook, IL  60062  tel: 1-847-272-6156.

The Gehenna of Polish children in the USSR
Szkoda, E. London, CY, 1993.
Availability: POSK Bookshop, London
Description: Gives a detailed account of the state of Polish orphans in the Middle East after the 'Amnesty' and the schools and other facilities that were established by the Polish authorities to rehabilitate and educate them after their ordeal in the Soviet Union. There are also many good photographs from the period. - Review by George Neisser

World War II through Polish Eyes - In Nazi-Soviet Grip
Szonert-Binienda, Maria. East European Monographs, 2002.
ISBN: 0-88033-502-5

Deportation into the Unknown
Teczarowska, Danuta. Braunton Devon, Merline Books, 1985. (translation from 1981 Polish edition).
ISBN  0863032672

Without Vodka -
Adventures in Wartime Russia
Topolski, Aleksander. McArthur and Co. (Canada)
ISBN  1-552786-121-6; Steerfurth (USA) ISBN  1-58642-012-7
Availability: website:, book review

The Silver Madonna
Wasilewska, E.  New York, John Day Co., 1971. 
LC Catalog #D805 R9

The Ice Road: An Epic Journey From Stalinist Labour Camps to Freedom
Waydenfeld, Stefan. Mainstream Publishing, Edinburgh. March 22, 1999.
Availability: Paperback may be ordered directly from the publisher on a print-on-demand basis through most book shops.
Description:  It is very well written, easy to read and brings to life many of the stories we have all heard from our families about the deportations. It's start is a little different from a lot of our stories as Stefan originates from Otwock, 30 km south of Warsaw. It is his story of how he and his parents ended up in Pinsk and unable to return to their home, they were deported as undesirables by the Soviets. A lot of things that happened to them mirrors the tragedies of many other deportees. However, probably because of his father's profession, and the fact that they managed to have money for bribing, one or two of their journeys were more comfortable than the cattle trucks they otherwise found themselves on. Stefan's destination near Kotlas and life on the settlement at Kvasha sounds very similar to the life my uncle described, and I feel  Stefan has made it even easier for me to picture the hardships they endured. His journey to freedom is certainly a 'mystery tour' where he and his parents had to be very resourceful to survive the many dilemmas they met on their long journey to Pahlavi.- Review by Dianne Custance


Waiting to be Heard
Dr. Bogusia, Wojciechowska. AuthorHouse

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - September 22, 2009) - "Waiting To Be Heard (The Polish Christian Experience Under Nazi and Stalinist Oppression 1939-1955)" deals with the disruption caused by the war that tore apart Poland in 1939. With Hitler's vow to annihilate an eastern neighbor "for German expansion," followed immediately by Stalin's thrust westward and the mass deportation to Siberia of whole societies, thus causing the death of millions, those who survived could not, or would not, speak of their ordeal.

This book gives voice to those who, in fear of their lives or in anticipation of an eventual and triumphant return, found themselves exiled across the world. Dr. Bogusia Wojciechowska, the daughter of a couple that found refuge in a camp outside Oxford, England, and now Dean at Bunker Hill Community College in Boston, MA, had an incomplete picture of her family's plight until she chanced upon some letters written by her grandfather. Her training as a historian gave her the confidence and the methodology to conduct over one hundred interviews with a rapidly decreasing population that had first-hand experience of both Nazi and Stalinist oppression. In the majority of cases it was the first time this diaspora had spoken at length about their suffering and their shattered dream of freedom for their homeland.

Presented as a series of vignettes, "Waiting to Be Heard" is a chronology punctuated by the poetry of a subsequent generation that includes Martin Stepek, John Guzlowski, and Hania Kaczanowska, each of whom pay respectful and heart-rending homage to the dignity of their parents. This 400-page book contains many photographs and artifacts, and has a foreword by Ryszard Kaczorowski, former president of the Polish Government-in-Exile in London who, in 1990, was finally able to hand over the safeguarded State Insignia to the newly and democratically-elected president, Lech Walesa, in Warszawa.

Published in October by AuthorHouse, "Waiting To Be Heard" is printed to order, so wait times may vary. Please order through Amazon or Barnes & Noble websites, or through your local bookstore. Meanwhile, one can get a feel for the content by visiting

ISBN 978-1-4490-1370-7.

Lying Down with Dogs - A Personal Portrait of a Polish Exile
Zygadlo, M.  Fife, Lyux, 2001. 
ISBN 0953541371

Joe's War: My Father Decoded
Kobak, Annette and Knopf, Alfred A. Knopf Publishing, March 2004
ISBN: 0375411844
Part biography, part memoir, part history -- the story of her father's journey beginning in
Lwow, then eastern Poland in 1939, then south and west and eventually joining Polish Army units in France that were evacuated to Britain.

Providence Watching: Memories of Polish War Combatants from the Second World War
Collected by Patalas, Kazimierz translated by Izydorczyk, Zbigniew. University of Manitoba Press, November, 2003
Paper 0-88755-674-4
After the war, Canada accepted over 4000 Polish immigrant soldiers and their families who did not want to return to a communist regime in their country. This book is a moving oral history of the experiences of forty-five individuals during that transition period between the outbreak of war and their eventual relocation in Canada.

Janusz Zurakowski: Legend in the Skies"
Zuk, Bill, Vanwell Publishing Limited, March 2004


Tajkury- wioska ktora byla miastem

Romuald Wernik.
The publisher was: Caldra House, London, published 1997.
ISBN: 1872286429.

Book is available from him at the price £5.00 + postage
His address MR.R.Wernik,
19,Atherton Heights,Wembley,London,HAO 1XD.

Polish Spirit
Wojcik, Wladek, Smoczna Jama Press, 1996
ISBN: 095447760X
In September 1939, a young Polish Airman was captured by Soviet Troops whilst his unit weas on the run from the invading Germans. The Soviets took him first into the Ukraine and subsequently into the Gulag camps of the Arctic. He escaped, was recaptured, and eventually amnestied when Stalin eventually worked out he'd been on the wrong side all along.
Wojcik came out of the Soviet Union via Turkestan and across the Caspian Sea into Persia. Eventually, after a long journey via India and South Africa, he ended up serving in the Polish Air Force in England, where he was to spend the rest of his life, since returning to a Communist Poland was not an option for him.
Avaialble also:

"With Great Sacrifice and Bravery": The Career of Polish Ace Waclaw Lapkowski, 1939-41
Knoblock, Glenn, A Merriam Press Original Publication, Monograph 86
Illustrated with Official RAF Combat Reports
It is the author's hope that, in some small way, this book will help preserve the memory of a little known pilot who fought, not only for his own country, but also for France and England during the early, dark days of World War II. While Waclaw Lapkowski was an experienced pilot who became one of Poland's aces during the war, his early demise, like that of so many others, has relegated his achievements to the back pages of history, making them nearly forgotten. However, in referring to pilots such as Lapkowski, the great British ace Robert Stanford-Tuck cites the many men "who were credited with six, seven, or eight victories", pilots that "formed the bulk and guts of our fighter force."

A Strange Outcome
Roy-Wojciechowski, John, Penguin Books, New Zealand
ISBN 0 14 301904 X

Author's link:

Freely I Served
Major General Stanislaw Sosabowski, Battery Press, 1982
ISBN: 0898390613
An account of his escape from his arrest in WWII Poland, his escape via Italy to be in England and lead the Polish Parachute Division. A 203 page hard cover book with
pictures and maps.


W cieniu Katynia
Swianiewicz, Stanisław

He was one of the officers who survived Katyn thanks to being taken from Kozielsk and brought to Moscow to a prison as he was accused of being a spy (he wrote a book about Soviet Economy while he worked at the university in Lwow). He then joined Polish Army and worked for the Embassy in Kujbyszew. The book was published by Instytut Literacki in Paris in 1976.

English Translation: In the Shadow of Katyn: Available:

Przezylem, Pamietam, Swiadcze (I survived, I remember, I witness)
Zimmermann, Henryk Zvi
The story of Zimmermann's life, with special attention to the war years when he fought as a member of the Jewish Armed Combatant's Organization (Zydowska Organizacja Bojownicza) in Krakow, and also with the Polish underground.

Tomaszyk, Krystine, Dunmore Press, 2004
ISBN 0-86469-475-X, 135x210mm, 235pp, 
Availability: This book can be ordered  from: Dunmore Press, PO Box 5115, Palmerston North, NZ.
ph: 05 358 7169, fax: 06 357 9242
In this Memoir, Krystine Tomaszyk reflects on her life, the earliest memories of which take place as her world, and that of all around her, shatters with the invasion of Poland by the German and then the Soviet army and her deportation to Siberia. This poignant narrative is, at the same time, both a dramatic physical journey, by a very long route to New Zealand, and an exploration of the mind of a child, coping with and making meaning of the events she is caught up in. Essence is a thoughtful exploration of being and becoming, an experience the reader can participate in and be challenged by. Essence is a mosaic of emotional colours, pieced together with honesty and artistry. 

Krzak Burzanu
Solinska, Jadwiga
Available at:
Telephone: +48 85 716 33 34

New Zealand's First Refugees: Pahiatua's Polish Children
Polish Children's Reunion Committee, New Zealand, 2004
Available through: (NZ$40 plus pp)
Contributors: former children, their children, New Zealanders, who were in some way associated with them.
Photographs, maps, list of names, material taken from archives, 2003 Survey of Polish Refugee Children.
100 personal stories of the former refugees, their guardians, the first and second-generations, and New Zealanders who had contact with them in those early years. 416 pages, with 48-page glossy photo section, history, background, facts, statistics and a complete list of all the refugees' names. Not only will it be useful for historians, educators and sociologists as a document to enrich New Zealand's historical heritage, but a fascinating and poignant personal history told by the former refugees, which read like non-fiction short stories.

Noble Flight - Escape and Survival During World War II
Gniewosz, Teresa Bisping with Christopher Gniewosz. Chrisco Trading, Publication Division
ISBN 0-9711628-2-4
Available at:
Available through CHRISCO Publications, PO Box 25190, Portland, OR 97298, Fax: 503-297-1208
Grace, Exuberance, And Optimism are tested by the horrors of World War II as youthful Terenia with her family are forced to abandon their Polish estate and flee through Europe. Along the way they endure uncertainty, loss, and hope. They are helped--or hindered--by local peasants, the elite of nobility, royalty, and all echelons of the Church. Surrounded by global forces exposing the depths of inhumanity, each family member's strengths and frailties are ruthlessly exposed. As they seek refuge amidst shifting battle lines and national boundaries, Terenia's personal journey leads her to womanhood and a life beyond.

Noble Youth - Adventures of Fourteen Siblings Growing Up on a Polish Estate 1919-1939
Gniewosz, Teresa Bisping with Christopher Gniewosz. Chrisco Trading, Publication Division (2001)
ISBN 0971162867
Available at: 
Cozy up to a tale of family mischief and adventure when times were good in free and affluent Poland. High spirited Terenia explores her interaction with manor house staff, cooks, nannies, governesses, foremen, teamsters, dairymen, foresters, a fish keeper, gardener, gatekeeper and numerous regular and seasonal helpers, field hands and exciting visitors to the estate. Each season offered unique tasks and opportunities on the self-sufficient noble estate. Laugh and cry with Terenia in her experiences with family, at school and as she broke out to explore the world.

Born and raised under a straw roof: A true legacy of the human spirit.
Drzewiecki, Mary Anna.
ISBN 0968745806 

Worlds Apart
Pavlovich, Henry
ISBN 978-1-84728-226-2
Worlds Apart is a novel about survival and a search for identity through memory. It looks at the choices forced on us and those we avoid making. It begins and ends with a fairy story told to the young David Wilenski by his mother in a refugee camp in England. The adult David looks back at life in that camp, realising its taboos hide a story and pose a question over identities and the past. The protagonists are his parents: Jadwiga, transported to the Soviet Gulag under Stalin, and Wladek, taken as a slave labourer to Hitler’s Reich. Dogged by guilt, through archives and accounts prised from his reluctant parents, David reassembles the shattered smithereens of their lives. A remarkable picture emerges of ordinary people struggling through war, love, and growing up, one in the “Jerusalem of the North” – riven by antagonistic nations – the other on an idyllic rural stage that is a military colony. These are the borderlands of 20th century Eastern Europe and a refugee camp in the borderlands of the UK.

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Civilian (Refugee) Camps

Isfahan, city of  Polish children
Beaupre-Stankiewicz, I., Waszczuk-Kamienicka, D., Lewicka-Howells, J. 3rd ed. Hove, Sussex (UK),
Association of Former Pupils of Polish Schools, Isfahan and Lebanon. 1989. 
LC Catalog #D810 C

Polacy w Indiach 1942-1948 w świetle dokumentow i wspomnien
Kolo Polakow z Indii, Association of Poles in India 1942-1948, London 2000
ISBN: 0953892808.
Availability: order from the Polonia Bookstore Inc,
The Association has been working on an English language translation of the work, and in a recent issue of their semi-annual bulletin, they are asking their membership to let their secretary know who wants copies and how many. This is not a request for orders or for prepayment. They are trying to get an idea of how many copies to print. For those interested, please contact Mrs. W. Kleszko, Flat 18, Cleverly Estate, Wormholt Rd, LONDON W12 0LX, TEL/FAX 020 8749 6190. .

Polacy w Iranie 1942-1945, tom1 'Antologia'
Kunert, Andrzej Krzysztof (ed.). Rada Ochrony Pamieci Walk i Meczenstwa, Oficyna Wydawnicza 'Adiutor', Warszawa 2002
ISBN: 8386100516

Availability: or Veritas, 63 Jeddo Road, London, W12 9EE,
UK. email:

Polacy w Iranie 1942-1945, tom2 'Ewakuowani (A-K)'
Kunert, Andrzej Krzysztof (ed.). Rada Ochrony Pamieci Walk i Meczenstwa, Oficyna Wydawnicza 'Adiutor', Warszawa 2002
Availability: or Veritas, 63 Jeddo Road, London, W12 9EE,
UK. email:

Polacy w Iranie 1942-1945, tom3 'Ewakuowani (L-Z)'
Kunert, Andrzej Krzysztof (ed.). Rada Ochrony Pamieci Walk i Meczenstwa, Oficyna Wydawnicza 'Adiutor', Warszawa 2002
Availability: or Veritas, 63 Jeddo Road, London, W12 9EE,
UK. email:

Polacy w Iranie 1942-1945, tom4 'Zmarli'
Kunert, Andrzej Krzysztof (ed.). Rada Ochrony Pamieci Walk i Meczenstwa, Oficyna Wydawnicza 'Adiutor', Warszawa 2002
Availability: or Veritas, 63 Jeddo Road, London, W12 9EE,
UK. email:

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Polish Forces in World War 2

Wykaz Cmentarzy i Zmarlych Zolnierzy, Junakow Armii Polskiej w ZSSR i Iranie w Latach 1941- 1942
Zaron, Piotr, Torun, Poland, Adam Marszalek, 2004
A list of almost 7,000 military personnel, male and female cadets,
military volunteers and Red Cross personnel. Usually includes name, rank, birth dates, places of birth and date
and place of death/burial.

1st Polish Armoured Division (I VIII 1944 - II XI 1944) France, Belgium, Holland, 2d. ed.
Breda, Holland, Louis Vermijs, N.V., 1944
LC Catalog # D761.9 P6

Poles in the battle of Narvik
Bieganski, W. Warsaw, Interpress, 1969
LC Catalog # D763 N62

An army in exile, the story of the Second Polish Corps
Anders, Wladyslaw.  Forward by Viscount Alexander.  Introduction by Harold Macmillan).  London, MacMillan, 1949. Reprint Edition:  Nashville, Tenn., Battery Press, 1981. 
ISBN 0-89-8390-045-5 
Reprinted and available at
This book describes the political conflicts which marked the birth of the unit in Russian POW camps in 1942, its training in Iraq under British supervision and the heavy combat operations in Italy from the battle of Monte Cassino to victory at the River PO. Also covered is the monumental task of the Polish government in exile to find new homes for its men after the Russian occupation of their homeland.

Defeat in Victory (Polish ambassador to the US during WW2 gives eyewitness account)
Ciechanowski, Jan. Doubleday, 1947
Description: Polish Ambassodor to the United States during the war years. Conversations with Roosevelt are taken from personal notes. "It is a personal record of my observations and opinions of events... and trends of policy as I saw them developing on the Washington scene during the four and one half years of my last diplomatic mission." - Review by Sherry Roan

Poles apart - The Polish Airborne at the Battle of Arnhem
Cholewczynski, George F. New York, Sarpedon, 1993.
ISBN 0962761354, LC Catalog # D763 N42

History of the Polish Air Force, 1918-1968
Cynk, Jerzy. Reading, Berkshire, Osprey Pub. Ltd., 1972.
ISBN 085045039 LC Catalog # UG635 P7 C96

The Polish Air Force at War - the official history
Cynk, Jerzy. Atglen, PA : Schiffer Pub., 1998.
ISBN: 076430559X (v. 1), 0764305603 (v. 2); v. 1. 1939-1943 - v. 2. 1943-1945. D792.P6 C96

The Polish troops in Italy
Czuchowski, M. London, Library of Fighting Poland, 1944.
LC Catalog # D765

Fighting Poland Trust. 3rd Polish Infantry Division, a short history
London, 3rd Polish Infantry Division, 1946 16 p

Squadron 303; the story of the Polish Fighter Squadron with the R. A. F.
Fiedler, A. Letchworth, Letchworth Printers, 1944.
LC Classification: D792 P6 F5

Poland in World War II, an illustrated history
Hempel, Andrew. New York, Hippocrene, 2000.
ISBN 0781807581

With the Tanks of the 1st Polish Armoured Division
Jamar, K. Hengelo, Holland, H.L. Smit, 1946
LC Catalog # D759 528 332 p.

No place to land : a Pilot in Coastal Command
Jaworzyn, J. F. London, W. Kimber, 1984.
ISBN 0718305108 Biography.

In the field and underground, Poland's fight since September, 1939.
Jordan, Peter. London, MaxLove Publ., 1944

The monument of Polish-Australian brotherhood in arms
Kempa, T. Hobart, 1994.
ISBN 186252016x
Availability: P. Polacik, 73 York St., Sandy Bay, Tas. 7005 Australia

Poland's first 100,000; story of the rebirth of the Polish army, navy and air force after the September campaign
Kleczkowski, S. London, New York, Hutchinson & Co., Ltd., 1945.
LC Catalog # D765 .K57 1945

The Polish army and the Polish navy (Das polnische heer und die polnische kriegsmarine)
Koc, Leon W. Warsaw, Central military booksellers magazine, 1939.
LC Catalog # UA829 P7 K6
Description: Principally illustrations.

Polish Air Force, 1939-1945
Koniarek, J. Carrollton, TX, Squadron/Signal Publications, 1994.
ISBN 0897473248, LC Catalog #:D792.P6 K59

Kuniczak, W. S. 1st ed. Garden City, N.Y. : Doubleday, 1983.
ISBN 0385152671, LC Catalog # PS3561.U5 V34
Fiction. 303 Polish Squadron (RAF)

Destiny can wait; the Polish Air Force in the Second World War
Lisiewicz, M. Foreword by Viscount Portal of Hungerford. London, Heinemann, 1949. Translated by A. Truscoe.
LC Catalog # D792 P6 D47

Caen to Wilhelmshaven, with the Polish First Armored Division
Lorentz, Leopold. Edinburgh, Erroll Pub Co Ltd., 1945, 1995 ?.
LC Catalog # D763 P6
Description: Story in English and French.

Soldier Bear
Morgan C. and Lasocki, W.A. London, Collins, 1970.
ISBN 0002117932, LC Catalog # D765 I3
Description: Polish 2nd Corps story for young people

The Eleventh in Action
Majewski, S. London, the Scottish-Polish Society London Branch, 1946
LC Catalog # D765 55p.

The Monastery
Majdelany, F. Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1946.
LC Catalog # D763 I82

The Polish 2d Corps and the Italian campaign, 1943-1945
Madej, W.V. Allentown, Pa., Game Publ. Co., 1984.
ISBN 0941052846, LC Catalog # D763 I8

Slownik lotniczy polsko-angielski. Polish-English technical dictionary for Air Force use
Poland. Polskie Sily Powietrzne. Biuro Tlumaczen i Wydawnictw. London, 1942.
LC Catalog # TL509 P63

2nd Polish Armoured Regiment in action, from Caen to Wilhelmshaven, 844 miles
Polish Association of Exiles in Hanover. Hanover,1946.

Polish Ministry of Information. Polish Government in Exile, London. Polish troops in Norway, a photographic record of the campaign at Narvik
London, Polish Ministry of Information, 1943 LC Catalog # D765

The Ritual Observance by Poles of the battle of Monte Cassino
Pomykalski, A.S. California State University. Stanislaus, 1995.
LC Catalog # D763 I82
Description: Thesis. 126 leaves.

In their country's service, women soldiers of the 2d Polish Corps, 1941-1946
Romanska, L. Rome, Tumminnelli, 1946.
LC Catalog # D765 I3

General Anders and the soldiers of the Second Polish Corps
Sarner H. Cathedral City, Ca., Brunswick Press, 1997.
ISBN 1888521139, LC Catalog # D765

With the Red Devils at Arnhem
Swiecicki, M. London, Maxlove, 1946.
LC Catalog # D763 N4

Wykaz Poleglych i Zmarlych Zolnierzy Polskich Sil Zbrojnych na Obczyznie w latach 1939-1946
(List of Killed and Otherwise Deceased Soldiers of the Polish Armed Forces in Exile 1939-46)

London: Instytut Historyczny im. Gen. Sikorskiego, 1952. 370 p. maps.
OIN Call Number: T 401
UIUC Call Number: Main Stacks 940.5467438 W975
The list contains 15056 names of soldiers of the Polskie Sily Zbrojne na Obczyznie who fell in combat or died in the years 1939 to September 8, 1946. The work is divided into 5 main parts: Army, Navy, Air Force, Women in the military, military youth organizations (Junacy). The first part is further subdivided by larger units, military campaigns, territory. Within each division the organization is alphabetical. An addendum contains 727 names of soldiers, who after 1939 were arrested by the Soviets and died on Polish territory, or were imprisoned in the Soviet Union. The entries contain: name, military rank, date and place of birth, date and place of death, information regarding the grave.

Spis poleglych zolnierzy pochowanych na cmentarzu Monte Cassino (List of fallen soldiers buried at the Monte Cassino cemetery)
Rome, 2d Corps Cultural and Press Section, 1946 58 pages
Availability: Library of Congress; Yale Library

Przewodnik po polskich cmentarzach wojennych we Wloszech: Monte Cassino, Loreto, Bolonia, Casamassima: Przewodnik z pelnym spisem poleglych i dokladnym rozmieszczeniem grobow na 50 rocznice bitwy o Monte Cassino.
Studzinski, Adam (Editor) ,Oficyna Wydawnicza Fulmen, 1994
OIN Call Number: A 1786
Hard cover, 236 pages, photographs, plans.
The book presents lists of soldiers buried at the four Polish military cemeteries in Italy: Monte Cassino (1049 persons), Loreto (1080 persons), Bolonia (1416 persons), Casamassima (429 persons). The names are listed according to the inscriptions on the headstones. The list for each cemetery is arranged alphabetically. Included in the entries are: name, rank and unit, date and place of birth, date of death, location of the grave. Availability unknown.

Wykaz Cmentarzy I Zmarlych Zolnierzy, Junakow Armii Polskiej w ZSRR I Iranie w Latach 1941-42.
Zaron Piotr, Wydawnictwo Adam Marszalek, Torun
Llists all the cemetaries and all the soldiers who died after enlisting in the newly formed Polish Army. There are approximately 35 cemeteries listed, where 3385 soldiers are buried.

Poles in the Italian campaign
Terlecki, O. Warsaw, Interpress, 1972.
LC Catalog # D763 I8

Power of Destiny
Tuszynski, Chester. New English ed. Dragacz, Poland , Polonia, 2000
ISBN 8390515393

The Polish army, 1939-1945
Zaloga, Steven. London, Osprey, 1982.
ISBN 085045474 (Men at Arms Series)

The Polish campaign of 1939
Zaloga, Steven. New York, Hippocrene Books, 1991.
ISBN 0882549944 (Men at Arms Series, 117)

The Forgotten Few. The Polish Air Force in the Second World War
Zamoyski, Adam. New York, Hippocrene, 1996
ISBN: 0781804213, LC Catalog # D792.P6 Z36

Poles in uniform; sketches of the Polish army, navy, and air force
Zyw, Aleksander. Foreword by Lt. Gen. Marian Kukiel, introduction by Muirhead Bone. London, New York, T. Nelson and Sons, 1943.
LC Catalog # NC1157 Z9

W sluzbie dla ojczyzny. Kobieta - zolnierz 2 Korpusu. 1941-1946. (In Their Country's Service - Women Soldiers of the 2nd Polish Corps 1941-1946)
Romanska, Lola and Romanski, Andrzej. Inspektorat Pomocniczej Sluzby Kobiet 2 Korpusu. Rzym, IX 1946. Album zdjec PSK z Rosji, Iranu, Iraku, Palestyny, Egiptu i Wloch.
Availability: "Rara Avis" - Polish old books antiquariat,
Description: for an electronic copy of book go to (courtesy of George Neisser)

In Their Country's Service - Women Soldiers of the 2nd Polish Corps 1941-1946 - English version
Published by the 'Headquarters of the Polish Womens Auxilliary Corps 2nd Polish Corps'.
: for an electronic copy of book go to (courtesy of George Neisser)

A Question of Honor:The Kosciuszko Squadron, Forgotten Heroes of WW2 (American Title)
Olson, Lynn and Cloud, Stanley, Random House, 2003
ISBN 0 434 00868 0

See for ordering information

For Your Freedom and Ours: The Kosciuszko Squadron, Forgotten Heroes of WW2 (EuropeanTitle)
Olson, Lynn and Cloud, Stanley, Random House, 2003
ISBN 0 434 00868 0

See for ordering information

Monte Cassino: The Story of the Most Controversial Battle of World War II
Hapgood, David and Richardson, David, DaCapo Press, 2002
ISBN: 0306811219
In trade paperback for the first time, the gripping story of one of the greatest Allied blunders--the bombing and destruction of an ancient Italian abbey.
Available at

Poland 1939 The birth of Blitzkrieg
Zaloga, Steven J. illustrated by Howard Gerrard, Osprey Publishing Company, 2002
ISBN: 1841764086
This 96 page book shows vivid B/W pictures and maps of the assault on Poland by the German forces and some about the Russians invasion.

The Polish Army 1939-45
Zaloga, Steven J., Osprey Publishing Company, 1982
ISBN: 0850454174
This 48 page extremely well illustrated book accounts the brave fight of the Polish men who fought for their and our lives. Lots of quality WWII B&W picture.

Secret Army
Bor-Komorowski,Battery Press, 1984
ISBN: 0898390826
A hard cover 407 page detailing the Polish Home Army resistance throughout the WWII occupation. Includes pictures and maps.
Available at

Przechodniu Powiedz Polsce
Marian Lozinski, Wydawnictwo Literackie, Krakow, 1972

W Sowieckim Osaczeniu
Zbigniew S Siemaszko, Polska Fundacja Kulturalna, 1991

Armia Andersa
Zaron, Piotr, Wydawnictwo Adam Marszalek, 1996
ISBN: 83-7174-633-4
ASIN: 8386229543
Out of print.
Limited availability at

Enigma- How the Poles Broke the Nazi Code
Kozaczuk, Wladislaw & Straszak, Jerzy ,Battery Press, 1984
16 page b/w photo insert. (200 pages, Hardcover, 5?" x 8?")....$22.50
Poland did what no other county had done - and what the Germans considered impossible. They deserve thanks for the great Polish solution that saved so many lives and did so much good for the world." - David Kahn, author of Seizing the Enigma. In 1933, three Polish mathematicians led by Marian Rejewski succeeded in breaking the German Enigma cipher, which the Germans considered unbreakable. 1939, just before the outbreak of the war, the Poles shared their knowledge with French and British intelligence services. This led to the powerful British decoding operation at Bletchley Park, which supplied vital intelligence known as Ultra to the Allied forces. Yet, only recently have the Polish code breakers received international recognition. This text offers a concise, up-to-date history of the Enigma decryption in Poland and the use of this achievement in Poland and England.
Available at

General Anders i jego zolnierze
Szmagier, Krzysztof. Instytut Wydawniczy PAX, Warszawa 1993.

The Katyn Wood Murders
Mackiewicz, Joseph published by the World Affairs Book Club, 14 Old Queen Street, London, S.W.1. First Edition edition (January 1, 1951)
ASIN: B0007IU4V0
Possibly available at

In the Shadow of Katyn
Swianiewicz, S, Dr. translated from the Polish.
A film, The Last Witness, has been made based on this book. It's availability is unknown.
Film press release information: The Last Witness
Book is available at:

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Deportations from Poland during World War Two
Hoover Institution Pamphlet Collection Index, 1993. Pamphet collection, 1943-1979. Multiple Languages.
1 microfilm reel. 3 pamphlets

Statute on the corrective labor camps, USSR; comments, translations
Cambridge, Mass., Center for International Studies, MIT, 1955. 
15 l. LC Control # 56004116.  LC Catalog KR2471.M2

General Wladyslaw Anders' Polish Second Corps as a source of international misunderstanding
Department of State (US).  Office of Research Intelligence R&A;;3522, 1  1946 (Microfilm). 
Availability: Niedersachsiche Staats-und Univ

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Gulaga Karte
Domburs, L.  Riga, 1993.  1 map,  25 X 38  (Latv.)
LC Control #  94-684348.  LC Catalog   G7001 F86 1993 D6 MLC
Note: Shows USSR penal regions, prison camps and selected approach/escape routes from the period 1940-1953. 

USSR Penal camps, 1972
Shifrin, A. Washington, Judiciary Committee, United State Senate, February, 1972.  89 X 143 cm 
LC Control #   77695548.  LC Catalog  G7001 F86 1972 S5

Ukraine 1:100,000 Topographic Maps.  (in Cyrillic).  Gauss-Krasovskii grid projection system. 1942.  
UC Berkeley Library.  July 25, 2002.

Ukraine, Ukrainian SSR,  Galicia, 'Ost Galizien & Bukowina'
Verhagen und Klafing. 189.  1:600,000.  Library of Congress Map Division.

Special-Karte der "Osterrung Monarchie  1883-1909
Wien, Militargeographisches Institut.  (Printed Maps in Forty Cases). 
LC Catalog # G6480 S75.

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The Brief Sun
Ambrose, Benedict.Bloomington, 1st Books, n.d. ISBN 075969239
Availability: 1st Books Library, 2595 Vernal Pike Rd., Bloomington, IN
47404. tel: 1-800-839-8640. website:

Review: In his beautifully crafted book "The Brief Sun" Robert Ambros tells the story of 16 year old Andrzej and his companions in a Northern Siberian labor camp in 1941, and beyond. Mr. Ambros has the unique gift of describing his characters fully formed. The reader can almost see them, touch them, and understand the motives for their actions, as well as get into their minds. That is the mark of a true story teller!

In spite of the pathos of the era, his matter-of-fact telling of the story makes it an easy to read book. His descriptions of fear, cold, hunger, loss, guilt and immense sorrow are offset by tales of the closest cameraderie, the desolation and the beauty of the various landscapes Andrzej encounters, and the hunger for, and finding of first love.

This story, told with passion, is rich in historical detail, and should become required reading in every history class.
I highly recommend it to anyone, today and in the future!
Reviewed by Ronee Henson

Stefania's Dancing Slippers (Recommended for Primary School Age Children)
Beck, Jennifer. Scholastic Press
ISBN: 9781869438111 (hbk.), 9781869438258 (pbk.)
Available at: , ,
Five-year-old Stefania loves to dance in her special pair of dancing slippers. But then war comes to Poland, her father goes away to fight, and Stefania and her mother are sent to a work camp in Siberia. When they are freed, Stefania is parted from her mother and sent to the other side of the world. At their parting Stefania loses one of her slippers, but she holds on to the remaining one as a link to her parents and home.

The Silver Madonna - The Odyssey of Eugenia Wasilewska (Recommended for the teenage reader)
Wasilewska, Eugenia. John Day Co; [1st American ed.] edition (1971)
Available at:
The heroic story of a Polish girl who fell into the hands of the Russians when Poland was divided by Hitler and Stalin in 1939. Exile to Siberia, a disastrous marriage, escape across the Steppes, recapture, and a final homecoming.

Recollections of a Journey
Hutchinson, R.C. Allison and Busby, 1994.

The Hand of a Stranger
Lachocki, Gryzelda Niziol. Bloomington, 1st Books Library
ISBN 0-7596-0685-4
Available from the author: Gryzelda Niziol Lachocki, 2014 Pine Tree Drive Edgewater, FL 32141, USA or
by e-mail:
The purge of Eastern Europe's land owners by Stalin, sends millions of Russians and Poles to the Russian labor camps. With a German invasion, the situation changes. Liberated masses manage to leave Russia, with General Anders' Army, only to face new problems. Unforeseen circumstances force total strangers to rely on each other, lending a helping hand to conquer life's adversity.

When Eagles Die
Ambrose, Robert. Authorhouse, 2004
ISBN 1418489875
Available at:
Author's website:
This new historical novel spans three generations from the Eastern Front in World War I through the Siberian gulags and the battlefields of Second World War to the present; Coach Joe Bartkowski , the son of an Anders' Army veteran, stuns the basketball world when he leads a small college team to the national championships. Now sought after by major universities, Joe finds his career threatened by unexplained anxiety and panic attacks. Is it a midlife crisis as his therapist claims, or does the answer lie in his family's history? When Eagles Die embraces Joe's painful search for the truth, his unexpected discoveries about himself, and the very nature of the human mind.

Worlds Apart Surviving identity and memory
Pawlowicz, Henry. . Authorhouse, 2004
ISBN 978-1-84728-226-2
Available at:
Worlds Apart is a novel about survival and a search for identity through memory. It looks at the choices forced on us and those we avoid making. It begins and ends with a fairy story told to the young David Wilenski by his mother in a refugee camp in England. The adult David looks back at life in that camp, realising its taboos hide a story and pose a question over identities and the past. The protagonists are his parents: Jadwiga, transported to the Soviet Gulag under Stalin, and Wladek, taken as a slave labourer to Hitler's Reich. Dogged by guilt, through archives and accounts prised from his reluctant parents, David reassembles the shattered smithereens of their lives. A remarkable picture emerges of ordinary people struggling through war, love, and growing up, one in the "Jerusalem of the North" - riven by antagonistic nations - the other on an idyllic rural stage that is a military colony. These are the borderlands of 20th century Eastern Europe and a refugee camp in the borderlands of the UK.

The Bronski House
Marsden, Phillip, Arcade Publishing (June 1997)
ISBN 155970392X
Available at:
If your ancestors come from Belorussia, especially around Nowogrodek, you may find this "part novel, part reverie" interesting. Daily Telegraph Book review had this to say: "An extraordinary, multi-faceted narrative. From diaries and memories, it recreates the true story of two Polish women -mother and daughter- amid the destruction of a whole culture".

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Polskie organizacje kombatanckie w Wielkiej Brytanii w
latach 1945 – 1948
Kondracki, Tadeusz
Publisher, NERITON, 2007, ISBN: 8389729601

Polish countryside, photographs and narratives New York, American Geographical Society, 1937
Boyd, Louise. With Stanislaw Gluchowski.
Description: Depicts the Kresy in the 1930's

Conversations with the Kremlin
Kot, Stanislaw. London, Oxford, 1963.
Translated from the Polish. LC Catalog #DK441 K683.
Availability: Out of Print
Description: The best inside view we have of what went on at the highest levels as the Kresy Odyssey began its climax. A must read for full comprehension of how difficult was the task of getting our parents and families out. Review by Cass Glodek.

I Saw Poland Betrayed: An American Ambassador Reports to the American People
Lane, Arthur Bliss. Western Island Publishers, 1948.
Availability: website:

Polish Children Suffer
Majewski, W (ps.)  London, FP Agency Ltd., 1944.  By Helena Sikorski.

Martyrdom of Polish Professors  
London, Polish Ministry of Information, 1942.

Bitter Truth - The Criminality of the Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) and the Ukrainian Insurgent Army  (IPA) - The Testimony of a Ukrainian
Poliszczuk, Wiktor.  Toronto, 1999. 
ISBN 0969944497. LC Catalog # DK508.84

Britain and Poland - The Betrayal of an Ally
Prazmowska, Anita.  Cambridge University Press, 1995. 
ISBN 052148359. LC Catalog #D750

The Dark Side of the Moon
Zajdlerowa, Z. (ps.)  (with introduction by Helen Sikorski, and preface by T.S. Eliot). London, Faber and Faber, 1946.  
LC Catalog #D754  P7

Warsaw Rebuilt
Ciborowski, Adolf and Jankowski, Stanislaw Polonia Publishing House, Warsaw 1963
It shows pictures side by side, the one on the left page is a view of 1945
and on the right, right beside it, is one taken from the same spot in 1962.

Warszawa Odbudowana
Ciborowski, Adolf and Jankowski, Stanislaw
An old ,1963 hard cover 150 page documentary of Warszaw. It shows pictures of
Warszawa street juts after the war and after it was rebuilt by 1962. And
awesome vivid short book that clearly shows the total ruins of this fine
city and how it was rebuilt brick by brick.

Polish Self Defence in Volhynia
Dziemianczuk, Wladyslaw
Availability: Limited, Out of Print
Account by a local Polish person fighting for his and his family's life. It discusses the slaughter of Polish citizens by the OUN. The books contains maps, pictures, details of the events and the village of Kisielin.

Bloodlines: A Journey Into Eastern Europe
Kostash, Myrna, Douglas &McIntyre, 1993
Availability: Out of Print
Writer, Feminist and child of the ’60s Myrna Kostash began her travels through Central and Eastern Europe in 1982, just before massive and seeping changes tore like a hurricane through that part of the world. A Journey into Eastern Erurope chronicles her fascinating passage. She explores how certain countries and people met and struggled with vast change and how her experiences impacted her sense of self, both as a Canadian of European descent, and as a citizen of the world. This fascinating look at a writer exploring Europe on a very personal basis is a valuable read for anyone interested in that part of the world.

Available at:
Available at:

Poland, 1946
Vachon, John, Smithsonian Institution Press, December 1995
ISBN: 1560985402
An awesome hard cover 171 page book by an
American who in 1946 after WWII photographed and documented the devastation
left behind by the Third Reich and Stalin's Russians.

World War II Through Polish Eyes
Szonert, M.B.
ISBN :0-88033-502-5.
Ms. Szonert skillfully interweaves events from the present and the past as experienced by Danuta a resident of Warsaw. All events and facts described in the story are true. The book covers the years 1923 - 2002. A page-turner which gives a great view of what everyday life was like.
Available at:

Echa Wolynia
Hermaszewsk, Wladyslaw, Dom Wydawniczy Bellona, Warszawa 1998
ISBN :83-11-08515-3.
Ms. Szonert skillfully interweaves events from the present and the past as experienced by Danuta a resident of Warsaw. All events and facts described in the story are true. The book covers the years 1923 - 2002. A page-turner which gives a great view of what everyday life was like.
Available at:

Polish Self Defence in Volhynia
Dziemianczuk, Wladyslaw
Availability: Limited, Out of Print
Account by a local Polish person fighting for his and his family's life. It discusses the slaughter of Polish citizens by the OUN. The books contains maps, pictures, details of the events and the village of Kisielin.

Old Polish Legends
retold by Anstruther, F.C. Canbook Distribution Services, 1997
ISBN :078180521X or ISBN: 0-87052-023-7
Available at:
Available at:

The Deadly Embrace
Read, Anthony & Fisher, David. W.W. Norton & Company, Inc. NY, NY and
W.W. Norton & Company Ltd, London
ISBN :0-393-02528-4
The soft cover book has 687 pages with 14 pages of source notes, 7 bibliography pages. It discusses Hitler, Stalin, Great Britain and what was occurring just before and during the WWII. It shows how Poland was used by all and what was really happening behind the scene just before the outbreak of the war.
The book is not written about Poland but Poland is mentioned in many places and a good amount of background is given to show how Poland was sold out even before the war started by Great Britain, US and the French. Anyone looking for background history of WWII will find this book a good source of information.
Available at:

The Holocaust Industry
Filkenstein, Norman
"When I read Finkelstein's book, The Holocaust Industry, at the time of its appearance, I was in the middle of my own investigations of these matters, and I came to the conclusion that he was on the right track. I refer now to the part of the book that deals with the claims against the Swiss banks, and the other claims pertaining to forced labor. I would now say in retrospect that he was actually conservative, moderate and that his conclusions are trustworthy. He is a well-trained political scientist, has the ability to do the research, did it carefully, and has come up with the right results. I am by no means the only one who, in the coming months or years, will totally agree with Finkelstein's breakthrough." Raul Hilberg
Available at:

After the Holocaust - Polish-Jewish Conflict in the Wake of World War II
Chodakiewicz, Marek Jan. Boulder: East European Monographs. Distributed by Columbia University Press, New York, 2003. 265 pages. Hardcover.
Review at:
Available at:

Kresowe Osadnictwo Wojskowe 1920 - 1945
Stobiak-Smogrzewska, Janina, Instytut Studiow Politycznych, 2003.
In 1918 Poland regained its sovereignty, lost at the end of 18th century to three neighboring powers: Russia, Prussia and Austria, but two years later, in I 920,the country had to fight again for its independence with its eastern neighbor - communist Russia. The whole nation, united in its desire to retain its freedom, resisted the Red Army which was forced to retreat An armistice was signed at Riga on 12th October 1920, and cease-fire followed six days later. Poland's eastern border was thus secure. On 17th December 1920 the Polish Diet (Sejm) passed the law endowing some soldiers of merit with land in the country's Eastern Marches, retained by Poland through their bravery. The settlement of soldiers was thought to be the most effective way to increase Polish population in those areas where the Ukrainians and Byelorussians represented the overwhelming majority. They were expected to play an important role in the economic and cultural life .of that part of the country where the conditions were exceedingly backward. Large parts of the land given to soldiers - in pre-1914 time - belonged to the tsar's family, the Russian government and Russian landlords. This was supplemented by land taken away from Polish landlords and gentry in the framework of land reform.
Available through Veritas Foundation Publication Centre, 63 Jeddo Road, London W12 9EE, UK.

Genocide & Rescue in Wolyn - Recollections of the Ukrainian Nationalist Ethnic Cleansing Campaign Against the Poles During World War II
Piotrowski, Tadeusz , McFarland & Company 2000
Hardcover, 319 pages
After the 1939 Soviet and 1941 Nazi invasions, the people of Southeast Poland underwent a third and even more terrible ordeal when they were subjected to mass genocide by the Ukrainian Nationalists. Tens of thousands of Poles were tortured and murdered, not by foreign invaders, but by their fellow citizens, who sometimes turned out ot be their neighbors, relatives, and former friends. Other Ukrainians took terrible risks to protect Poles from the slaughter, and often paid for their compassion with their lives. The children who survived them vividly remember these atrocities and now, many decades later, tell their tragic tales. These accounts, never before published in English, describe the brutal murders these children witnessed, their own miraculous survival, and the heroic rescues that saved them. Demographic and other statistical information on the area is provided. Also included are appendices listing the Ukrainian victims and providing additional stories from other provinces, as well as ample Ukrainian, Polish, Soviet, German, and Jewish documentation and a comprehensive chronology. An index and bibliography are also included.
Available at:
Available at:

Forgotten Survivors: Polish Christians Remember the Nazi Occupation
Lukasz, Richard C. University Press of Kansas (November 1, 2004)
ISBN 0700613501
Available at:

Gdy Plonal Wolyn
Ozarowski, Filip, University Press of Kansas (November 1, 2004)
Order from: PUNKT, 2804 Post Road, Stevens Point, WI 54481
$9.99 plus $5.95 shipping.

Wolyn Aflame
Ozarowski, Filip, published by Filip Ozarowski (December 1997)
ISBN 0965548813
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Forgotten Holocaust: The Poles Under German Occupation 1939-1944
Davies, Norman. Hippocrene Books; 2nd Rev edition (July 2001)
ISBN 0781809010
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Ziemia Wolkowyska, tom I i II
Karpyza, Witold. Hippocrene Books; 2nd Rev edition (July 2001)
ISBN 0781809010
The books give a great deal of fascinating historical data about the town of Wolkowysk and surrounding towns and villages.
May be purchased directly from the author. Price - Zl 15 plus shipping for each of the two volumes.
Address: Dom Pomocy Spolecznej Ul. Podmiejska-boczna, 10 66-400 Gorzów Wielkopolski Polska-Poland

Watt, Richard, M. Hippocrene Books; Reprint edition (December 1998)
ISBN 0781806739
A 500 page account covering the above period. Pro-polish but very balanced and makes clear that the Poland between the Wars was not always an idylic place and often was a society troubled by unrest and strife between the left and right poltical parties of the time.
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The fate of Poles in the USSR 1939-1989
Piesakowski, Tomasz.

Allied Wartime Diplomacy - A pattern in Poland
Rozek, Edward, J. John Wiley & Sons, Inc offices in New York, 1958
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 57-13449
Edward J. Rozek escaped from Poland when the Russians and Nazis took over the country in 1939. Jailed in Hungary, he again escaped to join the Polish Armies. As an officer in the Polish Armored Division under field General Marshall Montgomery and General Eisenhower he fought from Normandy to Germany. Wounded four times he holds high decorations for bravery. He is an American citizen. He earned a BA (magna cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa) in international relationships, and a MA and Ph.D degrees in Political science at Harvard University after the war. He assisted in teaching at Harvard for three years before joining the University at Colorado.

Haller's Polish Army in France
Valasek, Paul. 2006
ISBN 0-977-9757-0-3
A history of the Polish Army in France, aka Haller's Army, aka the Blue Army, aka Armia Hallera, is compiled from regimental histories memoirs, period reports, letters and documents. Starting with the origins of the Restoration of Poland movement and the major roles of the city of Pittsburgh and the Polish Falcons, through the view of Ignacy Paderewski as he officially sat at the Paris peace talks; this book explains the formation, development, and accomplishments of this fighting force of Polish volunteers from America. They enlisted to travel to France for battle against the Imperial German and Austro-Hungarian armies on the western front, and subsequently to fight against the wave of Communism and the Bolshevik menace in the Polish-Soviet War of 1919-1920.
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Contact information: Dr. Paul S. Valasek, 2643 W. 51st Street, Chicago, IL 60632-1559

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